Annually, the ASIS International organization provides numerous scholarship opportunities to active ASIS International members and student members.  These scholarships can be of great value in helping to ease the financial burden that may be a hindrance for security professionals to take the next step to advance their career and life-long learning. The scholarships may be used for a course, workshop or seminar tuition fees, and course-related books and supplies.

The ASIS Foundation, Inc. developed by the ASIS Foundation, Inc. Board of Trustees has set the following goals in developing its scholarship policy.

  • To encourage ASIS Chapter members to further their education in the field of security;

  • To increase the number and amount of scholarships to deserving applicants;

  • To decentralize decision making;

  • To call national attention to the Society as an institution committed to the betterment of the security profession;

  • To encourage scholarship award activities at all levels.


The purpose of the scholarship process is to provide each ASIS Chapter with a means to recognize and to promote individuals who are interested in the security profession, by providing financial assistance.

The Foundation will highlight the significance of scholarship recognition as a noteworthy credential for those who wish to enter the security profession. Chapters are encouraged to involve scholarship winners in professional development opportunities as a means of introducing them to the security profession.

The Foundation is particularly interested in encouraging mid-career security professionals, who are ASIS Chapter members, to engage in undergraduate degree completion programs and part-time graduate programs, as well as professional development programs as specified by the scholarship program rules. Examples of professional development are APC I, II, III; CPP Review; ASIS workshops and other programs offered by training and development organizations.

Matching and Regional Awards

The Foundation will match scholarships from 50 Chapters per calendar year. Each chapter may select one matching scholarship winner per year. The Chapter must follow the minimum selection criteria/procedures stated in this policy. If the matching scholarship winner is an ASIS Chapter member, the Foundation will add up to $1000 to the winner's check (e.g. Chapter gives a $250 scholarship to an ASIS member, Foundation will add $500 for a total of $750, or a Chapter gives $500 to an ASIS member, Foundation will give $1000 for a total of $1500). If the recipient of the matching scholarship is not an ASIS Chapter member, the Foundation will only add up to $500 to the scholarship winner's check.

All Chapter matching scholarship winners may be considered for the Regional Vice President's Award. Each RVP may award one $500 scholarship each year. This is a flat grant from the Foundation with no matching funds required from the Chapter. The recipient will be selected from the list of Chapter winners by the RVP. The criteria are the same as in the basic policy. The RVP winner must be a Chapter matching scholarship award winner.

Chapter Role

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter funds a local scholarship of $500 each year.

Selection Criteria for Students (one to one match)

Applicants must be either a full-time or part-time student and have completed one year of study at a recognized college, university or community college.
A minimum grade point of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) will be required for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Candidates will submit the following:

  • An application form and an official grade transcript.

  • An institutional validation of program enrollment (or acceptance in the case of transfer students) in a fully accredited college, university or community college.

  • A recommendation from a faculty member.

Selection Criteria of Professional Development (two for one match)

Professional development program applicants must be Chapter members in good standing who have been ASIS members for at least one year. ASIS student members are not eligible for the two for one match. This criterion is in consonance with the Foundation's desire to encourage full-time security professionals to pursue professional development.

Candidates will submit the following:

  • Application form

  • Description of course or program.

  • Statement from Chapter chairman outlining the reason for selection.

Financial need shall not be a factor in the selection process for either the student or the professional development award as the purpose of the award is to provide recognition of achievement and ability.

ASIS Foundation Awards COVID-19 Support Grants To Security Professionals Impacted By Pandemic

Highlights from this program thus far include:

  • 124 grants awarded to date, to recipients in 27 countries
  • 76% of grants received were used for the renewal of ASIS membership
  • 50% of grant recipients are located outside of the United States
  • 24% of grants received were used for certification review courses

See the website below for further information:

Jack Buckley Fund Scholarship

Congratulations To Our Winners!

  • Ben Dillon (Reno)
  • Linda Kaut (Sacramento)
  • Matthew Welts (Sacramento)
  • Akiba D. Bradford (San Francisco)
  • Otamejayen Dede Anidi (San Francisco)
  • Philip Moldoff (San Francisco)


This fund was created several years ago in honor of John L. Buckley, CPP (known to friends and family as “Jack”) who was our ASIS International “6 th President, 1960-61, former ASIS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Chairman and the Director of Security for United Technology Corporation. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to promote increased professionalism and to be used to raise the awareness of ASIS International, which as a result will hopefully lead to increased Chapter membership.

Monies from this fund are available to Region 1C ASIS Members as well as Security Management and Criminal Justice Students who reside in Region 1C and are registered in an accredited academic institution.

An individual ASIS member may use the funds for financial relief provided: The member is in good standing, with current membership dues, both with ASIS International and his / her local Chapter. The funds can also be used by a Security Management or Criminal Justice Student, provided the student can show proof of registration with a certified educational institution.

For ASIS Members, the funds could also be used for educational programs which may include; CPP review and examination. Certified educational institution professional development course. Tuition and books. Note: funds are restricted from being used for travel or entertainment expenses.

The funds may also be used by a Region 1C Chapter to present Regional seminars and / or ancillary events, which provide for professional development, and / or to obtain materials which will benefit the professional advancement of the entire membership such as library reference materials like the Protection of Assets Manuals.

For Further information contact:
David J. Gibbs, CPP
[email protected]
(510) 390-3300



Annually, the ASIS foundation offers our student and career professional Members these benefits to help them achieve their career certification and higher education degree goals.

This year, the Foundation Board has approved up to $100,000 in grants to be awarded to ASIS members in need. We encourage you to apply for a support grant to renew your ASIS membership free of charge, or to receive a complimentary online certification study program if you need assistance. 

Start by completing and submitting your application at the link below. Do submit soon as the funds are limited.

Further information:
David J. Gibbs, CPP
[email protected]