Certifications Overview

Board Certification from ASIS International

ASIS International administers three certifications programs. The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation indicates board certification in security management and is recognized worldwide as the highest recognition accorded a security practitioner. Two technical certifications have been added recently: the Physical Security Professional (PSP) and the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI).

To remain as competitive as possible today, you must be certified. Every profession requires specialized skills. Certification is an investment in your career, your livelihood, your future.

If you want...

  • To demonstrate your advanced knowledge in security management

  • To gain instant professional credibility

  • To advance your career

  • To stand head and shoulders above the competition

  • To increase your earnings potential

...get certified.

The program of certification of security professionals has the following objectives:

  • To raise the professional standing of the field and improve the practice of security management by giving special recognition to those security practitioners who, by meeting prescribed standards of performance, knowledge, and conduct, have demonstrated a high level of competent and ethical practice.

  • To identify sources of professional knowledge of the principles and practices of security and loss prevention, related disciplines, and of laws and regulations governing or affecting the practice of security.

  • To encourage security professionals to carry out a continuing program of professional development.

Certified Protection Professional (CPP) - Since 1977

A preeminent designation awarded to individuals whose primary responsibilities are in security management and who have demonstrated advanced knowledge in security solutions and best business practices.

Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) - Since 2002

Technical designation award to those individuals whose primary responsibilities are to conduct investigations and who have demonstrated in-depth operational knowledge and competence in this area

Physical Security Professional (PSP) - Since 2002

A technical designation awarded to those individuals whose primary responsibilities are to conduct physical security surveys, design integrated security systems, or install, operate or maintain those systems and who have demonstrated in-depth operational knowledge and competence in this area.

Organization Award of Merit Nomination

The purpose is to recognize: 

  • an organization that has shown outstanding leadership and commitment to professional development of their own security professionals through certification.
  • organizations that make significant contributions toward the advancement of ASIS certification programs.


Examples of potential award-winning actions:

  • Implementing the CPP, PCI, PSP o APP designation as a prerequisite (or standard) for security professionals in their organizations
  • Commitment to certifying existing security staff across an organization
  • Recognizing the value of security certification across their organization by developing, promoting and supporting the CPP, PCI, PSP o APP designations internally
  • Supporting employee ASIS certification, and participation in ASIS International as volunteer leadership positions on the local, regional, national or international levels, and/or as a supporting organization.


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