Continuing Education

One of the founding principles of ASIS International is a continuing education in security techniques and tactics. We encourage our members to attend the classes offered below, to improve their security skills and to share their experience with other members.

ASIS International offers a broad array of affordable training programs to keep security professionals abreast of industry changes. Programs include national and international conferences, regional workshops, online degree and non-degree programs, virtual forums and much more.

John E. Reid & Associates has been conducting training seminars on The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation since 1974, and have trained over 300,000 investigators in the art of interviewing and interrogation. Chapter members can attend a Reid training seminar for the reduced fee of $395 per person - a savings of $155 per person. Additionally, chapter members can purchase any of their products at a discount price.

21CLETS, LLC was founded as a result of looking around and seeing some glaring areas in training that could be enhanced. We found a lack of diversity among instructors when we are looking to be more inclusive in organizations. We found a lack of classes that were geared towards operating in silos without sharing information or explaining the “why” that so many students strive to understand. Finally, we looked at the lack of classes in which critical services needed to be provided to organizations to ensure operating within training guidelines and best practices. This added up to bringing current and relevant information to all organizations.

We believe in bringing you contemporary instructors who are active in the field sharing best practices, policies, and helping you develop your own checklist for when you return to work. The information you receive will be from people who put their knowledge into practice on a daily basis in order to share with you what did work, or did not work. You will learn from your peers in the class to provide a more enriched learning experience. You can find out more by visiting or following us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube!

Hetherington Group  

About Hetherington Group

With over two decades of expertise, Hetherington Group is a leader in investigative due diligence, corporate intelligence, and cyber investigations. We track down and expose vital data on national and international investigations; train thousands of investigators in the public and private sectors annually; and share our expertise in this increasingly data-intensive, cyber focused-world through the publication of an Industry Newsletter and recognized investigative reference books.


FEMA has an Emergency Management Institute that offers FREE online training.


World Health Organization offers FREE online training.


JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY offers FREE online training courses.


EXCEL training videos for FREE. There are basic courses on data entry, working with cells and managing work sheets. Or if you are proficient, there are advanced courses on formula, pivot tables and data analysis. OR

Security Training Website   This is a conglomerate of all types of training (both free and at-cost) through various providers

NICP - National Institute of Crime Prevention offers online CPTED training

Learn how Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design can control human/criminal behavior and reduce the fear of crime. You can also earn a professional designation.

THE CP JOURNAL (get left of bang and stay there)

Behavioral and Tactical Analysis Training courses to develop your abilities on how to identify people with a violent intent, establish baselines for any situation, assess the four pillars of observable behavior, and help you make informed decisions.

Behavioral Analysis Training

ALICE Workplace Active Shooter & Violence Prevention Training

Online courses are now available to receive and individual certificate.


Active Shooter Response Training (

CPR/FA/AED certification

How do you ensure your security officers are CPR certified during a global Pandemic? Answer:  International CPR certification website. They offer online courses that are approved in all 50 states.