Host a Meeting

Would you or your company like to host a meeting? Contact a Chapter Officer to make arrangements

Here is what we would need from you / your organization to have a successful meeting and venue:

Venue and Time

These requirements are typical - some events may need larger facilities

  • Seating needs to accommodate 50 - 60 people.

  • Theater style seating is preferred.

  • Room for registration table

  • Nearby electrical outlet and telco connection for a data connection

  • Unless otherwise scheduled, the meetings start at 9:30 am. To accommodate hospitality set up and tear down, a venue should be available from 8:30 - 12:00.


Depending on the speaker's requirement, be prepared to provide:

  • PA system for the room/lapel mic

  • Laptop for CD Power Point presentation

  • Projector for Power Point presentation

  • Overhead projector

  • Podium

  • American flag (if not available the chapter will provide)


Provide and pay for catered food for 50 - 60 people that can include:

  • Coffee, juice drinks, cold water

  • Pastries, fruit


Provide to a Chapter Officer:

  • Written directions to your facility

  • Parking and badging instructions

  • Any other requirements such as extra time from parking to the facility, etc.