Past Chairs and Awards

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is rich in awards received each year. Since 1973, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has received the I. B. Hale Award. The I. B. Hale Award is presented to chapters for significant achievements in holding quality meetings and workshops, along with publication of a chapter newsletter, and overall improvement of the professional image of the Society.

The Newsletter Award is presented to chapters for providing outstanding newsletters to their members. Even as we entered the Internet Age, with electronic [PDF] newsletters, the SFBA chapter continued receiving this coveted award.

The SFBA Chapter was one of, if not the first chapter to create its own Web presence on the Internet. In 2000 the SFBA Chapter received international recognition for its Website as being a model for other chapters to follow. The completely redesigned site, launched in late 2004, has been awarded the Website of the Year - Group VI award.


Chapter Chair

I.B. Hale Award

Newsletter Award

Web Site


Benta Samuelson

    Website of the Year Award

Benta Samuelson


Rudolph A DuBord


David G Rickerson


Douglas M Vincent


Matthew S Livermore

    Website of the Year Award
2014 Jeanne McGuire      
2013 George McCloskey      
2012 Michael Delamere      
2011 Carlos Galvez Jr, CPP      
2010 Laura Armour Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

2009 Raymond Cotton, CPP Honorable Mention   Website of the Year Award
2008 Debb Rodriguez      
2007 John "Spike" Speicher      
2006 Curtis Given, CPP     Honorable Mention
2005 Larry Reid Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Website of the Year Award
2004 Patrick Sharkey, CPP YES   Website of the Year Award
2003 Brad Minnis, CPP Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention
2002 Connie Vaughn, CPP Honorable Mention YES  
2001 Ron Sathre, CPP Honorable Mention YES YES
2000 Kathy Goelkel     International Recognition
1999 Kathy Schnake YES Honorable Mention  
1998 Lewis A. Schatz, CPP YES Honorable Mention  
1997 Brad J. Wilson, CPP YES YES  
1996 Brenda M. Knox, CPP YES YES  
1995 Robert Denny   YES  
1994 Ted P. Barron, CPP Honorable Mention    
1993 Nancy McKenzie      
1992 John W. Suhr YES    
1991 Darryl T. LeDoux, CPP Honorable Mention    
1990 Shawnee Critides YES YES  
1989 James S. Cawood, CPP   YES  
1988 Kathy Schnake, CPP      
1987 Paul Dubois YES    
1986 Larry Marshal, Jr, CPP (Deceased) YES YES  
1985 Janice L. Peth, CPP YES YES  
1984 David J. Gibbs, CPP YES YES  
1983 Terri O'Neill YES    
1982 Sam J. Pappageorge (Deceased) YES YES  
1981 Dennis T. Haw, CPP YES    
1980 John P. O'Neill      
1979 William A. Warren, CPP YES Honorable Mention  
1977-78 Darlene Sherwood, CPP YES    
1976-77 Ron W. Weber YES    
1975-76 Jon L. Smith, CPP YES    
1974-75 Gordon E. Mills, CPP      
1973-74 M.T. (Bud) Watson, CPP YES    
1972-73 Norman G. Zalfa      
1971-72 John R. VanSchaick      
1970-71 James C. Trosino      
1969-70 Wayne Loch      
1968-69 Warren A. Herrington (Deceased)      
1967-68 Donald D. Drummond      
1966-67 James C. Neel      
1965-66 George E. Nielsen      
1964-65 Bob A. Meador      
1963-64 Richard A. Wright      
1962-63 Robert Southworth      
1961-62 Charles E. Hayden      
1960-61 James Redpath (Deceased)      
1959-60 Philip L. Schiedermayer      
1958-59 Raymond H. Grady / Bert Inman      
1957-58 Thomas J. O'Neil (Deceased)      
1956-57 John L. Buckley (Deceased)