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Before you can have access to the SFBA Chapter Member Only areas, or to receive ASIS member discounts at SFBA Chapter events, the Chapter Membership Chair has to add your name / ASIS #, etc to our Chapter's database. Note that your ASIS International password WILL NOT work on this site initially. Simply being "assigned" by ASIS International to the SFBA Chapter will NOT automatically make you an active member of the Chapter. Our Membership Chair must first receive notification from ASIS International that you are assigned to this chapter (usually YOU find out before we do); then must enter you into our local database; and finally, must contact you with instructions on how to login and how to pay your Chapter dues. Only after you have paid Chapter dues will you have access to the Member Only areas or be able to receive member discounts at events.

Upon your first login to a Member Only area (based on the User name and Password given to you by the Chapter Membership Chair), you will be prompted to change your password, which CAN be your ASIS International password, if that is your preference. Note that for privacy and security reasons, your password is NOT synchronized between our chapter and ASIS International. Changing your password at one website does NOT change it at the other one.

LOGIN HINT: If you have any leading zeros ("0") in your ASIS membership number  (example 00123456) do not use them.

If you forgot your Member Only passwordclick here to be taken to the log in page, where at the bottom you can enter your ASIS ID and your password will be emailed to you (at the email address that we have on file in your profile).

Membership Payments / Event Registrations

If you received errors when completely a registration for an event, etc. or making payment for the event or chapter membership dues, make sure that under Internet Explorer | Tools | Internet Options | Security tab | Trusted Sites | Sites, that you add and that Requires server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone is unchecked. Next switch to the Privacy tab | Advanced, then check Override automatic cookie handling and Always allow session cookies at the bottom of the dialog.

You may also want to set Prompt under First-party Cookies and Block under Third-party Cookies. These last two items don't really apply to using our site, but are good privacy options.

Animated Files and Firewalls

Some firewalls, including ZoneAlarm, as well as some Anti-Virus software programs can prevent certain animations from appearing properly. Your firewall or Anti-Virus software may see that as a threat and prevent the animation from working. You may have to change the settings in your firewall or Anti-Virus software in order to see the animation effect.


We use cookies on some portions of our Web sites. A cookie is an identifier that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer. Cookies enable us to provide you with a better experience by allowing us to understand what areas of the Website are of interest to our visitors. We may also use cookies when you register to use one of our web-based services. In this situation, a cookie will store useful information that enables our Website to remember you when you return to visit us. We can only read cookies from our own Websites. We do not link the information collected through cookies to any personally identifiable information provided by users. Cookies do not contain any information that is, in itself, personally identifying. If you choose to disable cookies in your browser, you can still access most of our Website and services.

Pop-up Blockers

Occasionally we may use windows that pop-up in the middle or corner of your screen to display a message or an image. They might also open when you click a link or button on a one of the SFBA Website pages, and in all instances, the pop-up will open over the window you are currently viewing.

We want to ensure that our pop-ups are helpful. For example, if you click an image to see a larger version, it might open in a separate pop-up window.

Unfortunately, some pop-up windows can contain inappropriate content or can be a way for you to accidentally download dangerous software (called spyware or adware) onto your computer. You may have a pop-up blocking software installed that prevents our pop-up windows from appearing. You can easily change the settings to allow pop-ups that originate from the same site or from a specific Website, e.g., Consult your pop-up blocking software technical support for instructions

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Internet Explorer allows you to prevent most pop-up windows from appearing over pages you want to view while you're using the Internet. Click here to open the Microsoft site where you can learn how to control the pop-up blocker settings of Internet Explorer.

Why Should I Login?

One of the benefits of member login is having our database "remember" you and automatically fill in forms for you, wherever possible. For instance, you want to attend a virtual forum. Rather than completing the form that asks for your name, address, phone # and a host of other questions - that we already have the answers to - you can simply log in and those areas get completed for you. It reduces the typing that you have to do and ensures that all contact data related to you is consistent. It also provides you with a "mini-peek" at your profile and contact info - if it has changed, you can access your profile and make the changes.

The Site Looks "Weird"

It is impossible to support all browsers without sacrificing some functionality. To make things even more complicated, what you see depends on your operating system (Mac vs. PC - Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, etc), screen resolution, browser type (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari) and version (Version 5, 6, 7, etc) as well as installed fonts, and many other factors. We have tired to make sure that this Web site and all JavaScript or JavaScript navigation features that we use degrade “gracefully” on older or non-compatible browsers.

Netscape Navigator 6.X or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 is the minimum browser requirement for this site. No guarantee of full functionality with the original Netscape 6, however version 6.2 and 7 should work properly with all newer technology. Netscape does not interpret design "tags" and HTML instructions the same way that Internet Explorer does. For instance, the site will not align to the upper left corner correctly in Netscape, which places the navigation a bit off skew. Some "random display" images may not display correctly. All other functions on the site should operate and display in the way they were intended.

Earthlink or Other Spam Blockers

If you are using EarthLink's Spam Blocker feature (or any other Spam Blocker software, for that matter) you may be blocking important Member Bulletins from the SFBA chapter, or registration / payment confirmations. We will NOT respond the the "challenge" sent out from your email account. Rather you must whitelist the entire domain (allow all Emails from If you do not whitelist the domain you might not receive any important emails from SFBA. Contact Earthlink (or your Spam Blocker software company) for the specific instructions you need to follow to whitelist our domain or email address.