Executive Messages


View from the Chair

As many of you know, we welcomed Erasmo Carrasco (Vice Chair), Alana Forrest (Treasurer), and Neil Hayden (Secretary) to the Chapter Board this year. With this new Board, we are taking this year to re-evaluate how we do things as a Chapter and how we better engage everyone within our membership. That means that we are going to shake things up and try new events, venues, and overall just different ways of doing things. We know that not all of the new ideas will be winners and we are asking the membership for their feedback on what they want to see more of, or even less of.
Looking at the calendar of events for the rest of this year, we have at least one opportunity to connect with your security peers lined up each month, with some months showcasing additional events from Women in Security and Young Professionals to keep bringing in prospective new members.

Some of the first big initiatives we have undertaken this year were ramping up the user-friendliness of our new website and re-instating the Hospitality Committee. Debora Finkler, our Webmaster, is a wizard at making the whole site more accessible and filled with lots of useful links and information for you. Many thanks, Debora!
The Hospitality Committee, chaired by Cindy Doyle and Michelle Geckler, is doubling down on the focus on and inclusion of new ASIS SFBA local members. A bi-monthly new member luncheon is held to help get our newest members better integrated into the ASIS SFBA community and identify anyone interested in volunteering in Chapter leadership.
Another focus for the Board this year is standardization of processes and creating better “playbooks” to help guide our volunteer leaders while ensuring we are meeting the reporting expectations and requirements of ASIS International. Keep an eye out for more on this in the next newsletter.
If you know of anyone who is interested in joining ASIS, there is a “Member Get a Member” competition going to see who can enroll the newest members, and there are prizes too. Additionally, we want to make sure everyone knows that ASIS Student membership is only $20!! What a steal! So pass along the word to any students interested in getting involved in ASIS.
We hope to see you at some of our events soon and as always, the Board is here to serve you, the membership. So do reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions or feedback.