Executive Messages


View from the Chair

I am very grateful to all SFBA Chapter member volunteers, for without their help we could not have been so successful in 2018.  Starting with the Board, Vice Chair Anjanette Brennan unexpectedly served dual roles this year, doubling as the Treasurer.  Despite tremendous work pressure, she was able to accomplish much.  Secretary Benta Samuelson did a great job of keeping us on task and holding us accountable on a weekly basis.  Benta also maintained our weekly meetings, often while on company travel.  As a Board, we were able to accomplish much.  We started the year off looking to change our chapter website to something much more user friendly.  While there is still more that needs to be tweaked, we believe we accomplished what we set out to do.  Also, with David Gibbs, CPP, guidance we put on a line-up of great presenters throughout the year, to include a moderated panel of CSOs discussing the next generation of leaders to a packed room of members.  David was also instrumental of assisting us in identifying our 2019 Board, all of which are practitioners and have proven their value serving the chapter as volunteers previously.

I am also very grateful to our event volunteers Carlos Galvez, CPP, for LEAD, Keith Barna and RVP Laura Armour for the Golf Tournament, and Erasmo Carrasco, CPP for SORD. The Board's direction to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality our members expect, was exceeded!  This was done at a risk, as Keith decided to change up the venue for the golf tournament to Boulder Ridge. Many positive comments were received on the beautiful venue.  Additionally, Erasmo wanted to change the traditional SORD space from a hotel to the Computer History Museum.  He also changed the usual plated meals to a family style setting, which enhanced the experience while reducing costs.

The Women in Security (WIS) committee, led by Co-chairs Alana Forrest and Kim Whitworth, came through with three very well attended events throughout the year.  The WIS committee was very successful in securing awesome venues, great presenters and many sponsors!

A new Young Professionals (YP) group led by Shaun Thivierge, PSP, held a very well attended kick-off meeting and promises great things in the New Year.

As certification chair, we held a well-attended two-day CPP Review led by a dedicated committee of volunteers.  Three new presenters, Neil Hayden, CPP, PSP, PCI, Jordan Johnson, CPP, PSP, PCI and Gordon Ladds, CPP (host at Adobe), stepped up to the plate by joining long time committee member presenters, Curtis Given, CPP, Cary Takagawa, CPP, Bill Stepka, CPP and Chris DeGuzman, CPP.  

Speaking of certification, the committee recently selected Alicia-Maria Domingos for the CPP Accelerator Scholarship awarded by the ASIS International Foundation which provides free registration to take the CPP exam.  While we had three great candidates, Alicia’s service to the SFBA chapter as the Newsletter Chair and service on the WIS committee edged her over the others.  Congratulations Alicia!

Thanks again to all the volunteers who have made me look good over the year!